Administrative procedures

Legalization of signature

The legalization of signature certifies the sincerity and truthfulness of the signature affixed to a document or deed. Its purpose is to certify that the signature is authentic and probative and that it was affixed by the person himself.

Procedure to follow

  • The applicants must present themselves personally to the Biergeramt.
  • They have to identify themselves with a valid identity document (identity card or passport).
    They must sign the respective document in the presence of the municipal official authorized to legalize signatures. Documents signed in advance will not be accepted.

Legalization of signature for parental authorization

The Biergeramt can issue a parental authorization for minor children travelling abroad alone without being accompanied by one of their parents. The person who has parental authority comes to the Biergeramt with his or her identity document and must provide the following information :

  • date of departure and date of return of the child ;
  • destination of the child (country and locality) ;
  • name of the accompanying person (who must be of legal age).

Legalization of signature for an assumption of responsibility

The commitment to assume responsibility for a foreigner referred to in Article 4 of the Law of 29 August 2008 on the free movement of persons and immigration is made by means of a document that is conform to the model established by the Minister in charge of visas and immigration.

The person who subscribes to a commitment of assumption of responsibility, called “the guarantor”, goes to the Biergeramt to have their signature affixed to the bottom of the commitment of assumption of responsibility legalized by the mayor or his delegate, in case the conditions of authentication are met.


Further information

Citizens Office
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During office hours (8 am  – 11.30 am and 1.30 pm  – 4.30 pm)

Online procedures are to be preferred. If you have to come to the citizens office, please make an appointment.


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