Administrative procedures

Certified copies

A certified true copy is a duplicate identical to the original, whereby the person issuing a copy assures that it conforms to the original.

The law of 29 May 2009 abolishing the obligation to provide a certified copy of an original document has the effect that, in any administrative procedure involving the State, municipalities or a legal person governed by public law, the certification in conformity with the original of a copy of a document issued by a Luxembourg administrative authority or an administrative authority of another Member State of the European Union to be produced in this procedure can no longer be required.


In order to receive a certified copy, the applicant must go to the citizens office with the original document to be copied.

  • Certified copies are made by an official on site from the original document provided by the applicant.
  • In case of doubt about the authenticity of a certified copy from a non-EU country, the administration concerned can request that the copy be legalized at the embassy or that the Hague Apostille be affixed to it.
  • The citizens office is not in a position to issue a certified copy of a civil status record (birth, marriage, death).

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