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Administrative procedures

Solidarity allowance

Who can apply for the solidarity allowance?

All adult citizens who at the time of their application are registered in the main register of Differdange and who have received a cost-of-living benefit from the government. Only one application per household can be submitted.

How to apply for the solidarity allowance?

Download the application, complete it and send it to:

Office social Differdange
23 Grand Rue
L-4575 Differdange

You can also pick up the application at the reception of the town hall or at the secretariat of the social office. If necessary, make an appointment at the social office secretariat to get help
 in filling out the application.

What amounts are granted?

The amounts of the solidarity allowance (AS) are calculated at 30 % 
of the amount of the cost-of-living benefit (AVC).

Household AVC amount % allocated AS amount
1 person 1452 € 30 % 436 €
2 persons 1815 € 30 % 545 €
3 persons 2178 € 30 % 653 €
4 persons 2541 € 30 % 762 €
>4 persons 2904 € 30 % 871 €

Application for the solidarity allowance 2021


Who can help me?

For further information, you can contact the

Secretariat of the Social Office of Differdange
T. 58 77 1-1550/-1551/-1552


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