Administrative procedures

Transfer of a main water meter

Any change in the billing name for a main water meter must be reported to the Customer Service Department as soon as possible (e.g., in the event of the sale of a single-family home, or when tenants of a single-family home move in or out).

Required information:

  • Meter operating address, otherwise meter number;
  • Water meter reading (e.g. photo);
  • Date of meter reading (date of handing over of keys or date of deed of sale at the notary);
  • National identification number (matricule), if the meter is taken over by a new subscriber.

To be communicated

  • either online;
  • or by phone at 58 77 1-1730;
  • or by e-mail;
  • or by post:
    • Administration communale de Differdange
      c/o Customer Service
      L-4501 Differdange;
  • or in person to the Customer Service Department.

Important information:

The meters of the different apartments of a residence are not managed by the municipal administration, but by its syndicate. Therefore, the change of the billing name of a meter must be reported to the syndicate. The municipal administration only bills the main water meter of a residence to its syndicate.

Practical advice:

  • The main water meter for single-family homes is round and has a blue cover.
  • The eight-digit meter number is located on the edge of the meter.
  • The unit of measure on the meter is m3.
  • To read the meter, note the five black digits (m3) followed by three red digits (liters). The black and red digits are separated by a comma. Example reading: 01234,567 m3
  • Our water department (T. 58 77 1-1814; e-mail) will be happy to help you if you have any problems reading the meter.
  • The settlement of the municipal taxes for the drinking water supply and the sewerage system is carried out in three-month periods with three advance payments (January to March, April to June and July to September) and an annual statement as part of the bill from October to December.


Water reading card for annual billing
Tax regulations


Request for Transfer of a Main Water Meter


Contact & information

Customer Service Department
Phone: 58 77 1-1730

Postal address
Customer Service Department
City of Differdange
L-4501 Differdange


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