Administrative procedures

Transfer of a main water meter

Any change in the billing name for a main water meter must be reported to the Customer Service Department as soon as possible (e.g., in the event of the sale of a single-family home, or when tenants of a single-family home move in or out).

Required information:

  • Meter operating address, otherwise meter number;
  • Water meter reading (e.g. photo);
  • Date of meter reading (date of handing over of keys or date of deed of sale at the notary);
  • National identification number (matricule), if the meter is taken over by a new subscriber.

To be communicated

  • either online;
  • or at the Customer Service Department;
  • or by phone at 58 77 1-1730;
  • or by e-mail;
  • or by post:

Administration communale de Differdange
c/o Customer Service
L-4501 Differdange

Important information:

The meters of the different apartments of a residence are not managed by the municipal administration, but by its syndicate. Therefore, the change of the billing name of a meter must be reported to the syndicate. The municipal administration only bills the main water meter of a residence to its syndicate.

Practical advice:

  • The main water meter for single-family homes is round and has a blue cover.
  • Each water meter has a number that identifies it.
  • The unit of measure on the meter is m3.
  • To read the meter, note the five black digits (m3) followed by three red digits (liters). The black and red digits are separated by a comma. Example reading: 01234,567 m3
  • Our water department (T. 58 77 1-1814 | will be happy to help you if you have any problems reading the meter.


Water reading card
Tax regulations
Municipal taxes


Request for Transfer of a Main Water Meter


Contact & information

Customer Service Department
Phone: 58 77 1-1730

Postal address
Customer Service Department
City of Differdange
L-4501 Differdange


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