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The forest: a place for everyone

In Differdange we are lucky to have forests and several nature reserves all around the city. Of course, these forests are popular with hikers, cyclists, families, seniors or dog owners, who share this space with the animals and plants of the forest.

For this cohabitation to go well, it is essential to know certain rules concerning dogs:

  • A dog does not need to be kept on a leash in the forest. However, it must remain under the control of its master at all times. In other words, the dog must return to its owner as soon as it is called. If you have any doubts about his obedience, keep him on a leash – especially if he reacts vigorously to other animals or walkers.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when you meet other dogs or when a walker tells you that he is afraid of dogs.
  • To avoid accidents, keep your dog on a leash when approaching cyclists.

In nature reserves, additional rules may apply:

  • Dogs must not roam – in other words, they must not leave the trails so as not to disturb the animals in the forest.
  • Read the information posted on the signs. Dogs may need to be leashed at certain times of the year (depending on wildlife reproduction) or because other animals (e.g., sheep) are grazing in the area.

Please note: some potentially dangerous dogs must always be kept on a leash.

Owners are always responsible for their dog’s behavior. Every walker is expected to know what regulations and restrictions are in effect at what location.

Please consult the Dog Law for more information:


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