Looping Basics

20 avril 2024

14:00 - 16:00

1535° / Sonotron

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Live-looping is an increasingly popular practice that allows you to create music by looping sounds and instruments in real-time. Join us for a captivating experience where you’ll discover all aspects of live-looping, from the tools used to the techniques employed.

Violinist and composer Christophe Retz from the project “All Reitz Reserved” will help you dive into the creative world of live-looping and explore the countless possibilities it offers. Learn to master the specific equipment used in this practice, as well as the techniques for building real-time musical loops.

Whether you’re already familiar with live-looping or looking to embark on this musical adventure, this session offers you the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and develop your creativity.

About Christophe Reitz:

Christophe Reitz is a Violinist and composer from Luxembourg. With his solo project “All Reitz Reserved”, he explores the endless sonic possibilities offered by the mix of his violin with synthesizers, effects and loop machines.

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