Administrative procedures

Garbage cans

Available waste garbage cans, frequency of emptying according to tour

  • Grey garbage can for non-recyclable household waste, that can be emptied every week if needed
  • Blue garbage can for paper and cardboard, emptied every 4 weeks
  • Brown garbage can for glass, emptied every 4 weeks
  • Green garbage can for organic waste (bio), emptied:
    • every week from March to October
    • every 2 weeks from November to February

Waste calendar 2024

Available bags, frequency of collection according to tour

  • Free Valorlux bags for PMC collection available for households (1 roll/person/year) upon presentation of the identity card at the Biergeramt reception desk and at the Service de Régie – CID (66, rue Emile Mark) for professionals; free collection every two weeks
  • Sale of 60L garbage bags (gross volume) in addition to the grey garbage can at the Customer Service Department for 3€ respectively, collected every week

Only those bags bearing the name of the city of Differdange and which are put on the public road on the day of emptying, are collected by the waste collection service.

Models and prices of waste garbage cans

Waste garbage cans 42L 80L 120L 240L 660L 1100L
Household waste Not available 3 € per emptying 4,50 € per emptying 9 € per emptying 24,75 € per emptying 2) 41,25 € per emptying 2)
Paper 1) Not available Not available 30 € per bin 40 € per bin 180 € per bin 2) 340 € per bin 2)
Glass 1) 30 € per bin Not available 30 € per bin 40 € per bin 3) Not available Not available
Organic Waste 1) Not available Not available Free bin Free bin Not available Not available

1) Emptying of blue, brown and green waste is free of charge (included in the fixed fee)
2) Only available for professionals and condominium syndicates
3) Only available for professionals and condominium syndicates with a positive assessment from the municipal road service

The grey and green garbage cans are provided free of charge by the municipality, but their replacement will be charged at the following rates:

  • Grey garbage can 80L and 120L: 25 €.
  • Green garbage can 120L: 30 €.
  • Green garbage can:  240L: 40 €
  • Grey garbage can 240L: 35 €
  • Grey garbage can 660L  : 180 €
  • Grey garbage can 1100L: 300 €.


The gray bin can be equipped with a locking system at a cost of 25 € (price of the padlock plus assembly).

The replacement of the green and grey garbage cans as well as the lock are non-refundable, once the garbage can is returned to the municipality.

Ordering or cancelling

Garbage cans can be ordered and cancelled through the Customer Service Department:

  • online (see form below)
  • by phone at T. 58 77 1-1730
  • by returning the form by e-mail to   
  • by returning the form by post to
    City of Differdange
    c/o Customer Service Department
    L-4501 Differdange
  • in person at the Customer Service Department

The dimensions of the different garbage cans are available upon request from the Customer Service Department.

Change of address

In case of a change of address within the municipality, the waste containers must be taken with you to the new address, as the municipality does not guarantee the transfer of waste containers between the two addresses.

If you move out of the municipality or change your address in a residence with a communal garbage can system, the grey and green garbage cans used at the old address cannot be left as they are, but must be cancelled with the relevant department. The blue and brown garbage cans are not usually taken back by the municipality.


Since the municipal waste disposal bill for each three-month period consists of a connection fee (fixed fee) of €46.50 plus the number of times the grey garbage can is actually emptied, remember to sort your waste. The less you use the grey garbage can, the lower your municipal tax bill will be. And the environment will also be grateful.

Diff App: Never forget to take out your garbage again

You can subscribe to the section „déchets“ in our Diff App. By entering your street name when you subscribe, you will receive a notification on your phone the day before the waste collection service comes. That way, you’ll never forget to take out the right garbage can at the right time. The mobile application also allows you to fill out a bulky waste collection form.

Order / cancellation form for garbage cans


Customer service Department
T.: 58 77 1-1730

Postal address :
City of Differdange / Customer Service Department
L-4501 Differdange


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