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Municipal council

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The municipal council is composed of members directly elected by the population. The number of counsellors depends on the number of inhabitants of the municipality. With the 2011 elections the number of councillors for municipalities with 20,000 inhabitants or more was increased to 19, including a mayor and four aldermen or alderwomen.

The municipal council meets regularly under the chairmanship of the mayor and in the presence of the municipal secretary. The meetings of the municipal council are public.

You will find the dates of the sessions in our events section.

You can find the audio recording of the sessions here.

The municipal council has many responsibilities:

  • it regulates everything within the municipal interest;
  • it votes the budget;
  • it approves construction and urban planning projects;
  • it sets taxes and fees;
  • it appoints Differdange’s representatives to the unions;
  • it issues municipal regulations;
  • it appoints and dismisses the civil servants and employees of the municipality and approves their resignation;
  • it appoints and dismisses the members of the advisory committees, civil hospices and social services;
  • it can call for a referendum.

The current council

déi gréng

Aguiar Paulo (alderman)
Brassel-Rausch Christiane (mayor)
De Sousa Paulo
Liesch Georges
Pregno Laura (alderwoman)
Schwachtgen Frenz
Wohl Nicole


Hartung Jerry
Mangen Robert (alderman)
Tempels Guy
Ulveling Tom (chief alderman)


Altmeisch Guy
Bertinelli Fred
Hobscheit Pierre
Muller Erny


Meisch François
Saeul Christiane

déi Lénk

Diderich Gary


Ruckert Ali


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