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We, the psychomotricians and occupational therapists of section 2 of the “Centre pour le développement moteur” (CDM), are responsible for the systematic early detection of motor difficulties and the corresponding support of children in cycle 1.2.

Age-appropriate motor skills are an important prerequisite for mastering the motor challenges at school.

Cooperation with the parents and the school is also an important part of our activities in order to support the child. In addition to possible motor support, personality development is also positively influenced. Our support is based on the children’s strengths and interests.

How do we proceed?

  • Information sheet for parents (Cycle 1.2) at the beginning of the school year
  • Observations at school (early motor detection consisting of 14 motor exercises)

What do we observe?

  • Gross motor skills (balance, general coordination, …)
  • Fine motor skills (cutting, painting, gluing, …)

In case of preventive support, the following steps are suggested:

  • Exchange with parents and school staff.
  • With the parents’ consent, we offer preventive motor support (individually or in a group).

What are the costs?

Our offer is financed by the “Ministry of Education, Children and Youth” and is therefore free of charge.



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