Early education (précoce)

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Why should your child attend early education?

Early education (Precoce) is free of charge. Early education ensures equal opportunities for every child. As an integral part of elementary education, early education focuses on learning. Each class is supervised by a qualified educator and a teacher.

In early education your child can

  • experience and get used to school rituals and rhythms
  • get in touch with children of the same age
  • learn to live and interact with others
  • develop the Luxembourgish language and prepare for the multilingualism of Luxembourg
  • learn to recognize and manage their feelings
  • develop autonomy and creativity
  • explore their environment
  • develop, discover, experiment, play, learn, grow, blossom

Early education

  • promotes social integration
  • respects the needs of each child
  • focuses on motor development
  • promotes mathematical and musical activities

If your child has special needs, we strongly encourage you to let us know when you register so that we can provide the best possible care for your child.



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