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Ready for the international labour market

LUNEX University is a private university with an international vocation whose specialities are sport, health, prevention and therapy. The proposed curricula and research activities focus on areas that are both promising and of social interest. By studying at LUNEX University, students benefit from a new approach to sport and health, real sectors of the future.

When passion for sport and career go hand in hand

Passion for sport and a healthy lifestyle are rewarded with a university degree that will open the door to an international career. The optimal combination of scientific and practical knowledge makes it possible to train LUNEX University students to become competent professionals and executives with a critical mind that act responsibly. At the end of their studies at LUNEX University, graduates can enter working life directly or pursue a university career by enrolling in a PHD program (also at LUNEX University).

Innovative and promising for the future

The international orientation of the courses offered at LUNEX University and the innovative content of the programs are complemented by a modern training framework with a strong emphasis on digital technologies.

Modern learning environment and individual coaching

LUNEX University takes into account the evolution of media use and the training needs of today’s society. It is in an adapted learning environment (between 25 and 40 students per class) and individual supervision that students are prepared to enter working life and start their professional careers. LUNEX University uses the latest media (learning via digital technologies) and the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

A lot of knowledge for different industries

The university courses offered at LUNEX University are based on an interdisciplinary approach in order to encourage reflection and the acquisition of a wide range of knowledge. They can also consider working in sectors that are not directly related to sport.

Studies as a unifying factor

The courses offered at LUNEX University have been developed in accordance with the Bologna process and take into account the different professional laws concerning professions related to therapy that are in effect in Europe.

Reconciling sport and studies

The international orientation of the university is reflected both in the multilingualism of its teaching staff (the language of study being English, German or French as required) and in its cooperation with companies and institutions in the fields of education, sport and health throughout the world. LUNEX University wishes to expand in the future to offer its training courses at several sites in Europe, thus promoting its students’ experiences abroad.

Combine studies and professional life or even top-level sport

LUNEX University promotes the pursuit of studies side by side with a professional activity or the practice of high-level sport. This compatibility between employment, sport, family and studies is possible thanks to the organization of study blocks that allow for flexibility in planning.

A worthwhile investment

LUNEX University students conduct specialized studies that prepare them for qualified jobs and offer multiple career opportunities in the fields of sport and health. Our experts advise interested parties on the different possibilities of financing their studies at LUNEX University. As learning takes place in the form of teaching blocks, it is not necessarily necessary to move.

LUNEX University provides its students with the means to succeed in national and international markets in the profession that corresponds to their professional wishes.

The advantages of LUNEX

  • diplomas for the global labour market
  • small classes and individual supervision
  • perfect combination of scientific knowledge and practice
  • flexibility of studies for the continuation of high-level sports practice / professional activity
  • modern and international study environment
  • interdisciplinary exchanges


Applications can be sent to LUNEX University by email.


50, avenue du Parc des Sports
L-4671 Differdange
T.: 28 84 94 40


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