Zesumme renovéieren

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A structured approach for the energy renovation of houses in Differdange

With the support of the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Development, the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, Klima-Agence, and INPA, the city of Differdange is piloting a large-scale energy-efficiency project to promote the renovation of existing properties and reduce the energy consumption of their residents.

How can we make homes in Differdange more energy-efficient, enhance existing neighborhoods, and offer residents the opportunity to improve their quality of life? Those are the questions that the initiators of the project “zesumme renovéieren” have addressed.

The result is a catalog of different building types in Differdange, which offers an analysis of the potential for energy savings in heating, ready-to-use solutions, as well as government assistance and obligations related to building regulations and historic preservation. Residents also receive personalized assistance throughout the duration of their renovation project.

How can I participate in the project?

The project is open to all residents of the municipality who occupy a home comparable to one of the homes listed in the Differdange catalog or another home with high energy consumption.

Interested persons can find out more at meetings in their neighborhood or at

We have also set up a neighborhood office, where the Klima-Agence manager for Differdange will answer your questions about energy renovation.

Address: Service écologique, 10 Place du Marché, L-4621 Differdange
Opening hours: Every Wednesday from 1.30 pm to 5 pm

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Subsidies for your energy-renovation project

You are aware of the benefits of a well-insulated home? But did you know that you can also benefit from federal climate-bonus grants for your renovation work? Use the subsidy simulator of Klima-Agence on Municipal subsidies are also listed there, as well as subsidies from energy suppliers and the fonds nova naturstroum. Run the simulation and see how you can finance your project!

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