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Ruffbus Dinola

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The municipality of Differdange now has its own “Ruffbus”, an on-call bus that runs in the four localities: Differdange, Niederkorn, Oberkorn and Lasauvage. That’s why it is called Dinola!

It is an additional offer to the Diffbus. Contrary to the Diffbus, however, the ride is not free of charge, but costs two euros.

This service is especially – but not only – aimed at seniors over 60. It can also be used, for instance, by pregnant women and people who are temporarily disabled or immobile (doctor’s certificate required).

The on-call bus covers the municipal territory and also runs to the CHEM in Esch. The bus is suitable for wheelchair users and strollers.

This new service was developed by the city’s mobility department in cooperation with the Senior Plus Service and our advisory committees.


Monday – Wednesday – Friday: 9 am – 2 pm
Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm

2 € per trip

T.: 8002 2020



Traffic and Mobility department
T.: 58771-1487 /-1485


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