Daycare center Kornascht

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The daycare center Kornascht provides childcare for your children from the age of two months until compulsory schooling (at the age of four) by qualified staff in a welcoming environment from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm. Your child’s registration is made by appointment on site. The admission requirements and internal regulations will be explained to you during this interview.

To be able to benefit from the childcare service vouchers (, registration in your municipality is mandatory.

The pedagogical concept of the daycare center is based on the following pillars:

  • autonomous motor development at the child’s individual pace
  • freely-chosen activities and workshops
  • childcare based on close cooperation between educator and infant or toddler

The educator provides an appropriate framework and supports the child in developing their individual skills at their own pace.

The center offers:

  • a multilingual project
  • a project in the forest
  • a musical awakening course in collaboration with the Differdange music school
  • a large garden
  • a play room for the children to run around and let off steam (salle de défoulement).
  • areas for creativity, construction, role-playing, retreat, rest, reading

At the daycare center Kornascht, children have the opportunity to eat three balanced meals a day. Menus are based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Meals are freshly prepared with organic food every day by a qualified cook on site.

Persons in charge

Eliane Cantalini
T.: 58 77 1-2551

Armanda Jost
T.: 58 77 1 -2551

109, route de Pétange
L-4645 Niederkorn

Coordination & organization

School and childcare department
40, avenue Charlotte
L-4501 Differdange
T.: 58 77 1-1423/1407/1428


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