Cultural Centers

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1535° Creative Hub

The 1535° Creative Hub in the city of Differdange is located on the bypass road of Differdange and provides rental workspaces, versatile spaces for meetings or workshops and community meeting spaces for entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural economy. These spaces promote exchanges among professionals from various fields within the sector, such as architecture, design, communication, arts and crafts, fashion, visual arts, film production and the music industry, to name a few. The rental spaces extend over three industrial buildings (A, B, and C) and cover a total area of 16,000 square meters.

In addition to the creative spaces in the A building (“Schräinerei”), the B building (“Zilleschapp”), and the C building (“Kesselbetrib”), the 1535° Creative Hub offers rehearsal spaces such as the Sonotorn or the Hangar, mainly targeting musicians, performing artists and audiovisual production directors.

The “Sonotron,” located in the C building of the 1535° Creative Hub, meets the significant demand for rehearsal spaces for music enthusiasts by offering 9 online bookable rehearsal rooms with affordable pricing and flexible time slots. The Sonotron also hosts an annual workshops programm that is open to all music enthusiasts.

Located in building B of the 1535° Creative Hub, the “Hangar” responds to the needs of Luxembourg’s performing artists and audiovisual professionals by providing dedicated professional spaces for stage rehearsals and audiovisual productions that require substantial space. With 445 square meters available for rent, the Hangar offers basic sound and lighting equipment that can be customized according to the renter’s production needs. This spacious and suitable professional space enables performing artists and audiovisual professionals to realize large-scale projects in optimal conditions.

A restaurant and a coffee house welcome visitors and guests every day of the week.


115, rue Émile Mark
L-4620 Differdange

T.: +352 58 77 1 1535


Aalt Stadhaus

Located in the city of Differdange in the south of Luxembourg, the regional cultural center “Aalt Stadhaus” opened its doors to the public in 2014. Here, cultural activities find a perfect spot and ideal conditions under one and the same roof.

The facility houses a main concert hall for concerts and theater, a multipurpose room for meetings and receptions, a music school, the municipal library, a small restaurant and the cultural department of the city of Differdange.

The “Aalt Stadhaus” offers all kinds of cultural events: concerts (ranging from classical and blues to heavy metal), stand-up comedy, children’s entertainment, exhibitions, theater and much more.

These different genres aim to offer a wide range of cultural activities to the public of the Grand-Duchy and the Greater Region. Please visit to check the program.

Hier, aujourd’hui et demain – Le plan communal à la culture de la Ville de Differdange


38, Avenue Charlotte
L-4530 Differdange

T.: +352 58 77 1 1900


Hall O

The Hall O is a modern space, three times larger than the hall of the Chiers which it replaces, and is dedicated to organise festivities, markets or fairs. Planned with local associations, the hall meets the needs of a city approaching 30,000 inhabitants with a main hall that can accommodate up to 1.500 people.


Rue Camille Gira
L-4624 Oberkorn

T.: +352 58 77 1-1302 /1308


Municipal archives

The municipal archives of the city of Differdange have a triple mission:

  • to collect, sort, classify, inventory and conserve the documents produced by the city of Differdange or related to its historical development; as such, they are also the depositories of private documents given for a fee or free of charge, temporarily or definitively
  • communicate to the municipal services as well as to citizens the inventory set up in compliance with the periods of communicability
  • enhance the value of the archives through exhibitions and publications in order to ensure the preservation of the municipal heritage

Do not hesitate to contact the municipal archivist for any requests for consultation or research; we will be happy to guide you in your investigations! Consultations are by appointment only.


18, rue Prince Henri
L-4579 Oberkorn

T.: +352 58 77 1-2520


Public library

The public library is located at the cultural center Aalt Stadhaus. In addition to a wide choice of books, periodicals and DVDs it also offers free services such as the “Bibliomobile”, which ensures the delivery of books to the homes of people with a reduced mobility. The library also organizes free readings every month (Lundi littéraire) and readings for children every first Saturday of the month (Bib for Kids).


38, Avenue Charlotte
L-4530 Differdange

T. : +352 58 77 1-1920



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