International school (EIDE)

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An international public school: why and for whom?

With the establishment of an international public school in the south of the country, the national education department is responding to the growing heterogeneity of the school population. The state must provide a public education system in which every student has a chance to succeed, regardless of the language spoken at home.

International education opportunities already exist in the public high schools of Luxembourg City, but this has not yet been the case in the southern region. However, the structural development of the economy in the south of the country and the establishment of the University of Luxembourg at Belval have been creating an increased demand for the schooling of children in international classes. A quality school offer is an important element in the decision of a company, a foreign investor or scientific experts to settle in Luxembourg or not.

The International School of Differdange and Esch-sur-Alzette (EIDE) is aimed at children and young people with a migrant background, as well as any other student wishing to develop in an international context. It targets primarily young people from Differdange and Esch-sur-Alzette as well as from the southern region of the country. In addition to efforts to integrate foreign students who will remain in the country, the offer of the new international school will be adapted to the needs of young people temporarily residing in the Grand Duchy and called upon to continue their studies in another country.

The mission of EIDE

EIDE is a Luxembourg public school with primary and secondary classes. It operates under the European Schools system, to which it is bound by an accreditation agreement, and offers education based on the European Schools programs (

The school’s mission is to educate and teach students from diverse backgrounds. It provides multilingual and multicultural education. Unlike the European Schools currently located in Luxembourg, the EIDE is open to all students without registration fees.

Particular attention is paid to the European idea, education for mutual respect between different cultures and openness to the outside world.

A full-time school

The current lifestyle (long working days of parents), the importance of non-school activities for the acquisition of social skills and the development of everyone’s tastes and gifts, leads the school to longer opening hours.

The EIDE primary school is open Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 7 pm. High school hours are from 7:15 am to 6:00 pm. Supervised study rooms are available to students outside school hours. Tutoring, support measures as well as cultural, sports and scientific activities are offered.

Administration and school offer

Administration, financing and staff are completely under the responsibility of the Ministry of National Education.

The school offer includes:

  1. a 5-year cycle of European primary education;
  2. a 7-year cycle of European secondary education;
  3. three preparatory classes and welcome classes (“Classes d’accueil”).

Primary and secondary education classes operate according to the same curricula, promotion criteria and timetables as other European schools.

In addition to the primary and secondary curriculum, the school offers preparatory classes to prepare pupils who at the end of their primary education are not yet ready to enter secondary education on the European path, to integrate this system later.

The organization of studies, content, teaching methods and European education qualifications of the EIDE are subject to the regulations of the European Schools.

The organization of studies, content and teaching methods of the preparatory and welcome classes are subject to the laws and regulations of Luxembourg general secondary education (ESG).

EIDE training leads to the European Baccalaureate, recognized throughout Europe, or gives access to vocational training.



Secondary education
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Primary education
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