School medicine

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During the school year, each child’s health is monitored by the Ligue médico-sociale school health team.

Interventions are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the amended Law of 2 December 1987 and the Grand Ducal Regulation of 24 October 2011 regulating school medicine.

For basic education, the following check-ups, tests and screening measures are carried out on pupils in cycles 1.1, 1.2, 2.2, 3.2, 4.2 and, depending on the child’s needs, in the other cycles:

  • weight and height measurements
  • brief urine analysis (glucose, albumin and blood tests)
  • brief visual acuity test
  • hearing test
  • vaccination card check
  • health check-up carried out by the school doctor (an individual examination may be carried out if necessary, and a social check-up if required)

Medical aspect

The school doctor does not provide any medical treatment. If the examinations reveal findings requiring further medical attention, the school health team will send you a letter stating the reasons and recommending that you consult your preferred doctor.

Medical observations are recorded in the child’s “Carnet médical scolaire” (school medical record), and treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Parents of cycle-1 children are invited to accompany their child for these examinations.

Other medical interventions

Medical surveillance is completed by other examinations carried out by specialized services of the Ministry of Health:

  • annual oral examination in cycle 1
  • screening for visual disorders by the Orthoptics and Pleoptics Department
  • hearing screening by the Audiophonology Department, as needed
  • dietary consultation
  • consultation for asthmatic children (Asthma School)

Social aspect

The social (hygiene) assistant is there to listen to children, parents, teachers and any other private or professional person concerned with the well-being of a pupil in elementary education.

The school health team works in close collaboration with:

  • the school education staff
  • the regional administration
  • the Maison Relais
  • the municipal administration
  • the Inclusion Commission (CI)
  • the support team for pupils with special educational needs (ESEB)
  • other specialized services

Health promotion and education

The Ligue médico-sociale’s school health team also organizes health promotion and education activities for students. The aim of these activities is to guide your child towards a healthy lifestyle.

Individualized support plan (PAI)

Important information for all parents whose children require support/integration for their specific health needs in education or childcare facilities: PAI – Individualized support plan


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