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A good start

This service is intended for all families in the municipality of Differdange who are expecting or have just had a baby. It is a collaboration of the City of Differdange with the association Initiativ Liewensufank.

A first welcome visit after the birth of your baby is offered by mail. You can also contact our service at any time. During your baby’s first year, you can benefit from several free appointments with one of the consultants at the Initiativ Liewensufank. The consultant comes to your home and has an attentive ear for your questions and uncertainties.

This service is offered in several languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, Portuguese and English.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please leave a message at the following number: 58 77 1 -5858. You will be contacted immediately.

BabyPlus leaflet (Fr. | Ger. | Port.)

Scientific evaluation of the project “BabyPlus, a good start”

In 2008, the pilot project “BabyPlus, a good start” was launched by the municipality of Differdange with the objective of offering families parental support following the birth of a child. The aim of this initiative was to contribute to a good start in the child’s life by providing parents with a set of practical information on caring for the newborn. The implementation of parental support was carried out by the association Initiativ Liewensufank asbl.

Among the families contacted, nearly 300 families benefited from parental support. During the four visits made by the staff of the Initiativ Liewensufank, parents were mainly provided with advice and information on newborn development. In order to make a first assessment of the implementation of the project, a scientific evaluation was carried out by researchers from INSIDE (Integrative Research Unit: Social and Individual Development) of the University of Luxembourg. Dr. Sophie Recchia and Professor Georges Steffgen led this scientific evaluation.

The study confirmed that mothers were very satisfied with the Baby Plus project. Mothers showed balanced emotional health and perceived their maternal skills as high. Nevertheless, some mothers are likely to suffer from emotional distress and have lower feelings of competence.

The conclusions of the final report of the scientific evaluation highlight that parental support can reassure parents and provide them with essential support at a crucial time in their lives and that of their newborn child. The benefit of parental support lies in the fact that these families, supervised at an early stage, can find support from the beginning.

The implementation of this type of intervention remains necessary, mainly with regard to the possible detection of suffering families, the long-term impact and the possible reduction of healthcare costs. The scientific evaluation justifies the recommendation of this type of parental support.

Final report


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