FAQ – frequently asked questions

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Which school will my child attend?

The child is enrolled in the school of his or her residence. The school jurisdiction is decided by the local council.

Which Maison Relais will my child attend?

The child can only attend the Maison Relais of the school of his/her residence.

When and how do I register at the Maison Relais?

The municipal administration informs the parents when they can register at the Maison Relais for the next school year. Registrations will only be made at that time. Registrations during the year can be made at any time at the Maison Relais concerned, subject to availability.

Do I have to register for the school?

Yes: You have to enroll with the local School and children’s department if you have just moved to Differdange. Please note: If you change your address, you must contact the School and Children’s Department immediately.

Yes: You have to register for children who are of early-education age, as early education is not compulsory. The School and children’s department will contact the parents in question when the time comes.

No: Once the child is registered in the files of the School and children’s department, he or she will be automatically enrolled year after year in the school of his or her residence.

What materials do I need to buy for my child at the school?

The municipal administration provides school books free of charge and also offers the children free exercise books.

A list of the material the child will need (pencils, scissors, etc.) will be given to the parents by the class teacher, either sent by post or handed out on the first day of school.

What if I need my child to attend a school other than the one in his/her residence?

The law provides certain grounds that can be considered as valid reasons for requesting that a child be enrolled in a school other than the one in his/her residence (within the municipality or in another municipality), namely

  • custody of the child by a family member up to and including the third degree
  • custody of the child by a third person exercising a parental assistance activity approved by
    the state
  • childcare by a state-approved socio-educational organization.
  • the workplace of one of the parents.

To this end, the parents must send a written request, duly motivated, to the college of mayors and aldermen of the municipality where they intend to enroll their child. After verification of the reasons by the competent services and if the school organisation allows it, the municipality may act on the parents’ request.

How can I contact the class teacher?

Each class teacher tells the parents how they can contact him or her in order to make an appointment.


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