Ruffbus Dinola

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What is the Dinola?

An on-call bus for people aged 60 and over who live in the municipality of Differdange.

Exception: people with temporary physical disabilities and pregnant women can request a temporary permit with a medical certificate from the Service Senior Plus (T. 58 77 1-1562).

Where does the Dinola run?

  • Differdange
  • Niederkorn
  • Oberkorn
  • Lasauvage
  • Hospitals in Esch

When does the Dinola run?

Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm

How can I make a reservation?

Reservation at the Call Center Voyages Emile Weber: T. 28 108-34

Please book your trip several days in advance (especially for important appointments). Trips planned at short notice cannot be guaranteed!

How much does the ride cost?

  • Ticket block for ten journeys: 20 euros
  • Annual pass: 60 euros

Both are available from the customer service department of Differdange
(T. 58 77 1-1730) and can also be sent to your home on request.


Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 6 pm

Ticket block: 20 € | annual pass: 60 €

Differdange, Niederkorn, Oberkorn, Lasauvage, hospitals in Esch

T. 28 108-34



Senior Plus department: T. 58 77 1-1562 | mail
Customer service department: T. 58 77 1-1730 | mail
Mobility department: T. 58 77 1-1485/-1271 | mail


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