Meals on wheels

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Thanks to Servior’s “Meals on wheels” service, it is possible to enjoy freshly prepared and balanced meals without having to cook yourself or even shop. Currently, Servior collaborates with 59 municipalities and prepares some 230,000 meals annually on behalf of 1100 seniors.

In addition to production, Servior manages the orders and ensures the transport of the menus. Dressed in porcelain plates, the dishes are delivered from Monday to Saturday in a very practical box. The meals for Sunday are delivered the day before.

Invoices are issued by the municipality, which is also the first point of contact for potential new customers.

The clients compose their daily menu according to their desires and with the help of a weekly plan. A choice of two main courses with soup, salad and dessert is given. Servior also offers alternatives for diabetics as well as a meat-free or salt-free diet.

Whether you are a loyal or occasional customer, the handling is extremely simple: with a supplied induction hob, the customers heat their menu by pressing a single button. 40 minutes later, they can eat.

When preparing meals, Servior’s professional cooks pay particular attention to regional ingredients. The “Meals on wheels” menus thus perfectly meet the criteria of the “Sou schmaacht Lëtzebuerg” campaign. Another useful asset: the dishes, prepared fresh every day at CIPA “Op der Léier” in Esch-sur-Alzette, can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 36 hours.

About Servior

Created in 1999, Servior is a Luxembourg public institution with a potential of some 1800 beds spread over some fifteen residential centres throughout the country. With more than 2400 qualified employees, the group is the Luxembourg leader in the accommodation sector. In addition, Servior offers several services for seniors who live at home. The “Meals on wheels” service is the most representative of these related services.



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