Municipal taxes

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The customer service department manages municipal taxes and issues quarterly invoices for the supply of drinking water, waste water and waste collection. The department is also responsible for ordering garbage cans.

Tax regulations

Water and sewage

Invoices for municipal water and sewerage charges are issued for three-month periods, with the variable portion (consumption) determined by a water meter. The water meter is read twice a year:

  1. Bi-annually (for the period January to June) as part of the municipal tax bill for April to June;
  2. Bi-annually (for the period July to December) as part of the municipal tax bill for October to December.

Advances are calculated for the January-March and July-September bills. These advances are deducted from the following semi-annual bill. In general, the advances are calculated on the basis of the consumption of the previous semi-annual bill.

The water meters of the different apartments of a residence are not managed by the commune, but by the condominium association of the residence. The commune only bills the condominium association for the main water meter of the residence, as described above.

Prices from 1 January 2023

As of 1 January 2023, a distinction must be made between four sectors for the pricing schemes:

  1. the household sector, which includes natural persons, public institutions and companies that are not part of the industrial sector, the agricultural sector, the catering sector or the camping sector;
  2. the industrial sector, which includes companies whose water consumption exceeds one of the following thresholds: 8,000 m3/year, 50 m3/day or 10 m3/hour, or whose pollutant load exceeds 300 average inhabitant equivalents (EHm);
  3. the agricultural sector, which includes the activities of farmers, winegrowers, stockbreeders, arboriculturists, horticulturists, nurserymen, gardeners, market gardeners, fish farmers, foresters and beekeepers;
  4. the Horeca sector, which includes hotel, restaurant and café operators, and the camping sector.

For the details of the invoicing of the different sectors, click on the respective sector.

Changement des tarifs d’eau (article Diffmag 3-2023)

Transfer of a main water meter

Waste collection

Each household and each plot of land used either commercially (trade) or for other purposes is connected to the garbage collection and subject to a connection fee, the price of which is 186€ per year, or 46,50€ per quarter.

Your invoice for waste collection, which is issued in three-month periods, is composed of:

  • the connection fee (fixed tax) of 46,50 € (shown as “other tax” on the front of the invoice)
  • the emptying of the grey garbage bin for household waste, the price of which depends on the volume of the garbage can:
      • 80 litres ➔ 3,00 €/emptying
      • 120 litres ➔ 4,50 €/emptying
      • 240 litres ➔ 9,00 €/emptying
      • 660 litres ➔ 24,75€/emptying (only for shops or residences)
      • 1100 litres ➔ 41,25 €/emptying (only for shops or residences)

Please note that the fixed tax is due, even if your household or business does not have a garbage bin.

Garbage cans

Garbage collection

TIP: consider sorting your waste. If you only use your grey bin for non-recyclable waste, your waste bill will be lower. And the environment will thank you too.

Brochure: An easy calculation


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