FSC Label

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The forests of Differdange have the FSC label. This label guarantees that our forests are managed responsibly.

When you buy a chair, a toy or paper, you usually don’t know where the wood comes from. The Forest Stewardship Council was founded to bring some transparency in this area. Although the exploitation of our forests is essential, it must nevertheless respect fundamental ecological values such as respect for rare species and biotopes.


Controls carried out by independent third parties, FSC-recognized certifiers, guarantee the implementation of FSC standards. These standards are checked at least once a year and ensure that the criteria are met throughout the production chain.

Why the FSC label?

Forests guarantee the variety of animal and plant species. They stabilize the earth’s climate, clean the air, absorb pollutants and protect water. Finally, they are part of the cultural heritage and are an important space for leisure and relaxation.

Owners of forests with the FSC label are committed comply with the following criteria, among others:

the guarantee of species diversity
occupational safety
the production of good-quality wood with high economic value
long-term forest business planning


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