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Van parking

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Permit for professional vehicles

Permits for cars, vans and other professional vehicles, as defined in the general traffic regulations:
(max. 5 / construction in progress)

  • 1 month: 80 €
  • 3 months: 200 €
  • 6 months: 360 €
  • 12 months: 600 €

The parking of vans and other professional vehicles (as defined in the general traffic regulations) is prohibited on all other city parking spaces between 6 pm and 8 am and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays (except for the purpose of deliveries, breakdown service and proven services).

In the evenings and at weekends these vehicles must be parked:

  • on the ground floor of the covered car park Parc des Sports (according to availability with lease contract, rental spaces available for 1,200 €)
  • on the car park Hauts-Fourneaux (annual vignette of 500 €)
  • near the cemetery in Oberkorn (annual vignette of 500 €)
  • on the former ArcelorMittal car park in Niederkorn (annual vignette of 500 €)
  • on the temporary car park in the industrial zone Haneboesch, Niederkorn (free of charge).

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