Garbage removal

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The production of waste, while it can be reduced, remains inevitable. It is therefore the recycling of waste that must be managed in a way that benefits people and the environment.

That is why the city of Differdange has developed a concept for the collection and management of waste in order to motivate households and companies to sort their waste as much as possible. A responsible attitude and the right recycling reflex will not only lead to lower costs in the long term, but also to an improvement in the quality of life for everyone in Differdange.

The solution lies in sorting. By using the grey bin only for the actually non-recyclable waste („remaining waste“) you will save money – and the environment.

The city of Differdange is actively concerned about its waste management. Through its door-to-door waste collection,the  recycling park and waste-prevention advice the city offers modern waste management for private individuals but also for small and medium businesses.

Waste calendar 2024



Technical Department / CID
T. 58 77 1-1800 / -1810 / -1812

Emergency service
T. 58 77 1 – 1855

Recycling center
T. 59 23 99 – 1


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