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The territory of the city of Differdange covers an area of 22.23 km², which corresponds to approximately 0.89% of the national territory.

  • 39% of the surface is covered by buildings, i.e. urbanized.
  • 61 % of the surface is covered by forests, agriculture and nature reserves.
  • The circumference of the city is 25.17 km.
  • The city is located at 49.52417″ north latitude and 5.89139″ east longitude. The altitude is 293 meters.
  • The highest point of the municipality is 427.1 m at the “lieu-dit” called Koufeld.


The municipality of Differdange consists of the localities of Lasauvage, Oberkorn, Niederkorn and Differdange-Fousbann.

It is situated in the picturesque valley of the river Chiers, surrounded by a unique landscape. The industrial boom was at its height, with the population rising from under 4,000 in 1890 to almost 18,000 in 1930 and fluctuating between 16,000 and 18,000 thereafter.

In recent years, the town of Differdange has been growing steadily and today has a population of over 29,000.

Total population: 29.703*
Total number of households: 11.127*

Population density in urban areas: 5.035 inhabitants / km²

* April 2023

Localities Surface areaInhabitantsHouseholds
Lasauvage17 ha 2 %4491,55 %1621,46 %
Oberkorn201 ha35 %4.63015,97 %1.73115,65 %
Differdange – Fousbann132 ha23 %16.93258,39 %6.36057,48 %
Niederkorn221 ha 39 %7.47425,77 %2.81125,41 %

Distances to cities in neighbouring countries

Whith Belgium, France and Germany as neighbouring countries, the Grand Duchy Of Luxembourg is at the heart of Europe.

Esch: 10 km
Luxembourg City: 26 km
Belval-University: 8 km
Arlon: 29 km
Brussels: 210 km
Antwerp: 250 km
Metz: 64 km
Strasbourg: 224 km
Paris: 343 km
Trier: 75 km
Saarbrücken: 107 km
Frankfurt: 280 km

“Differdange 2025” – demographic report 2016 (only available in German)
European Institute for Research, Development and Action


449 Lasauvage
4.630 Oberkorn
16.932 Differdange-Fousbann
7.474 Niederkorn

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