Residential parking

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Several streets within the center of the different localities are available for residential parking.

Price of the vignettes:

  • 1st vignette = free
  • 2nd vignette = 60 € per year
  • 3rd vignette = 60 € per year

For the issuing of a parking sticker citizens are required to go to the reception of the citizens office with the registration card of their car.

The sticker has to be affixed visibly behind the windscreen (on the side of the sidewalk).

In case of a change of residence, a sale or transfer of the vehicle, the sticker holder is required to return it to the municipal administration with the relevant information.

Please note: you can apply for a residential parking sticker even if you live on a street where residential parking has not yet been introduced. The sticker will allow you to park your car in your locality according to the terms and conditions in effect.


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