Differdange elementary schools

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There is an elementary school in each section of the city of Differdange. The children must attend the school of their section.

Next to each school is a childcare facility (Maison Relais). While education is free, attendance at the Maison Relais is subject to a fee and a specific enrollment procedure.

The school in numbers

  • Five elementary schools
  • 196 classes
  • 2866 students
  • 393 teaching and educational staff

School districts

Download the list of sectors to find out which school your child will be enrolled in.

Internal regulations (ROI)

The Grand-Ducal regulation of 7 May 2009 sets the internal regulations common to all schools. However, the school committee, together with the parents’ representatives, may also draw up additional internal regulations, the purpose of which is to lay down specific rules concerning the conduct and supervision of school and extra-curricular activities.

These internal regulations (ROI) are essential to ensure a good school climate, a spirit of camaraderie, solidarity and mutual respect for the entire school community: pupils, school staff and parents.

Differdange elementary school

  • 20, rue Emile Mark
    L-4620 Differdange

The school comprises:

  • Boys’ school and pavilion
  • Girls’ school
  • New housekeeping school and annexes
  • Old housekeeping school and annexes
    2, rue de la Montagne
    L-4630 Differdange

Chair of the school committee: Misha Ludwig
Parent representatives:

Fousbann elementary school

Chair of the school committee: Marianne Mambourg
Parent representatives:

Children from Lasauvage (cycles 1 and 2) attend the Lasauvage school building.

  • 1, place Saintignon
    L-4698 Lasauvage

The children from Lasauvage who attend cycles 3 and 4 are enrolled at the Fousbann elementary school. School transport for these children is provided by the municipality at the beginning and end of the day’s classes.

Niederkorn elementary school

The buildings:

  • Boys’ school
    1, rue Pierre Gansen
    L-4570 Niederkorn
  • Girls’ school
    264, avenue de la Liberté
    L-4602 Niederkorn
  • Preschool pavilion
    rue Saint Pierre
    L-4646 Niederkorn
  • Early education “Im Mai”
    189, avenue de la Liberté
    L-4602 Niederkorn
  • School “Mathendahl”
    30, rue du Castel
    L-4525 Niederkorn

Chair of the school committee: Sonja Niclou
Parent representatives:

Oberkorn elementary school

The buildings:

  • School “Um Bock”
    12, rue Boettelchen
    L-4517 Oberkorn
  • Boys’ school
    18, rue Prince Henri
    L-4579 Oberkorn

Chair of the school committee: Marilena Falbo
Parent representatives:

Woiwer elementary school

Chair of the school committee: Sara Marques
Parent representatives:


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