Support service for seniors

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The city of Differdange offers a support service for seniors under certain conditions:

  • to make purchases for you and deliver them to your home. The shopping will be carried out by the CIGL Differdange.
  • to go to a pharmacy to get your medicines (only with a doctor’s prescription)

This support is only available to people who meet the following conditions:

  • being a resident of the municipality of Differdange;
  • and being 60 years old or older;
  • and living in isolation;
  • and having trouble going out;
  • and having no family/relatives to care for them;

If you meet these conditions, you can call the Senior Plus Service of the city of Differdange on tel.: 58 77 1-1566
(Mon. to Fri. from 9 am to 12 pm).

On the phone we ask you for the following information: family situation, name and surname, number, address, telephone number.

Your order will be delivered as soon as possible by us. The delivery man will not enter your home, but will leave the purchases in front of your door.

The city of Differdange will send you by mail an invoice of your purchases.

If you have any questions or if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Plus Service on tel: 58 77 1-1566.



T. 58 77 1-1566
Monday to Friday 9 am to 12 pm


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