Compulsory education

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All minors who have reached the age of four before 1 September and have their habitual residence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are subject to compulsory education.

Compulsory education ends at the age of eighteen or, in certain cases, before the age of eighteen (for the exact conditions see the text of the law mentioned below).

The mayor informs the holders of parental custody of the beginning of their child’s compulsory education and of the enrollment in an elementary school in the school district of their residence.

If the minor is enrolled in another school in Luxembourg or is being educated at home, the persons holding parental custody must inform the mayor in writing.

If the minor is enrolled in a school abroad, the persons having parental care are obliged to send a certificate of enrollment to the Minister via or via QR code no later than eight days after the enrollment.

The holders of parental care are obliged to ensure that the minor complies with his or her compulsory education.

Monitoring compliance with compulsory school attendance is now the responsibility of the Minister. All information on school absences and exemptions can be found in the text of the law below.

The text of the law of 20 July 2023 on compulsory education, amending the amended law of 6 February 2009 on the organization of primary education and the amended law of 18 March 2013 on the processing of pupils’ personal data can be found at


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