Compulsory education

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All children living in Luxembourg aged four years or over before 1 September must attend school. This obligation extends over twelve consecutive years from 1 September of the year in question.

The municipal administration shall inform parents of the start of compulsory schooling for their child and shall automatically enroll them in a primary school in the school district of their residence.

Parents are obliged to ensure that their child attends school regularly. The only grounds for absence are the child’s illness, the death of a close relative and force majeure.

Parents must immediately inform the class teacher of the absence and the reason for the absence, within the time limit and in the manner indicated by the class teacher (oral or written excuse, medical certificate).

Exemptions from attendance may be granted, upon reasoned request by the parents. The class teacher may grant an absence not exceeding one day. The president of the school committee may grant an absence exceeding one day.

Any absence of more than fifteen days per school year, including five consecutive days, must be authorized by the Minister of National Education, Childhood and Youth. In the event of non-compliance with compulsory education, the law provides for specific steps to be taken by the college of aldermen or the competent public prosecutor’s office.


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