Plastic, no thank you!

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While the alarming news about plastic waste is increasing, the city of Differdange wants to act.

A first step

The City of Differdange has decided to no longer use disposable plastic tableware at public festivities and events. This ban also applies to events organized by the local associations. Responsible alternatives exist in materials such as cardboard, bamboo or wood.

Some figures

The waste vortex in the Pacific represents 1.6 million km2 for a weight of 80 tons.
The volume of plastic micro waste in the North Pacific has increased 100-fold in 40 years.
500 billion bottles are used each year in the world.
250 animal species have incorporated plastics. There are practically no more mammals without micro plastic in their belly.


List of priorities

It is forbidden to distribute to the public any plastic or glass disposable containers or objects, as well as cans.

  • Porcelain tableware, reusable cutlery and washable or returnable packaging and objects are to be preferred to disposable objects.
  • Use our “Cup System”. An interesting alternative provided by the municipality.
  • Disposable objects made of cardboard, wood or other vegetable cellulose are to be preferred to biodegradable plastic objects.
  • Associations must recycle non-returnable glass in the containers provided by the city for this purpose. The collection bins are nominative and under the responsibility of the association.
  • Collection according to the criteria set out will be under the responsibility of the association. The association may be held responsible for any violation of the regulations. The municipality reserves the right of control.

These provisions apply to all events and festivals taking place in a public place or a building owned by the city of Differdange.

The town supports the associations

In order to help associations to reduce plastic waste, the municipality proposes:

  • the “Spullweenchen” = tableware for 150 people (spoons, forks, knives, plates, bowls, cups) for 50 € per day.
  • the “Cup System” = cups for beer, soft drinks, cocktails, wine, champagne (free of charge).

Press release
Alternatives to plastic cups and utensils (examples)
Children’s poster



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