General organization

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Apart from teaching the children to read, write and calculate, the school offers the children a general culture, prepares them for their professional life and educates them in the ethical values of human rights and equality between girls and boys.

Primary education is governed by the relevant Luxembourg legislation.

Access to public education is free for every child living in the Grand Duchy. The municipality provides pupils with school textbooks and exercise books free of charge.

School begins each year on 15 September and ends on 15 July. The school year is divided into 3 terms.

More information:

The school is organized in four learning cycles.

Cycle 1, which corresponds to pre-school education, generally lasts three years and is aimed at children aged 3 to 5. The first year (early education) is optional.

Cycles 2 to 4 correspond to primary education:

Cycle 2 concerns children aged 6 to 7
Cycle 3 concerns children aged 8 to 9
Cycle 4 concerns children aged 10 to 11

Each cycle generally lasts two years. At the end of each cycle, the pupil must have acquired the basic skills, i.e. the learning objectives, in order to be able to continue on to the next cycle. The pupil can therefore complete a cycle in one year or need three years to reach the defined foundations.

Each class is cared for by a class teacher. The teachers work in pedagogical teams, but each class teacher retains their responsibility for the pupils in their class.


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