Special offers

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As an integral part of the educational programme, various additional offers are offered during the school hours in order to accompany young people, motivate them and inspire new ideas.

School trips

Every year, about one third of the classes go on school trips in Luxembourg or abroad. The class teacher is free to register their class for a school trip. These stays are an integral part of the school programme and are offered free of charge by the city of Differdange.

Educational outings, cultural activities, excursions

These diversified offers are an integral part of the school curriculum and function as a complement. Classes leave school to enrich their learning and deepen their general and cultural knowledge through specialized organizations, visits to the theatre or museums, etc.

Naturschoul in Lasauvage

The teachers of the Naturschoul offer classes in-depth activities related to environmental education, the history of our region and the industrial heritage. The apiary, the educational garden, the ponds in Lasauvage, as well as the proximity of the forest, the Titelberg and the mines allow for a lively and on-the-spot teaching.


The Technikschoul at the Woiwer School offers classes specific and in-depth activities in the workshop, where different materials such as wood or metal are worked on. They also offer scientific experiments in the laboratory in connection with the promotion of the humanities.

The “makerspace” programme does not involve the use of a word processor. Rather, the activities revolve around programming and the development of simple electronic projects. Thus students learn logical reasoning, which is commonly used in programming languages.


The idea of the Kreativschoul is to give a space to creativity and art and thus give art more value in school. Education, pedagogy, creative activities, art mediation … opening a space for everyone who wants to dedicate themselves to art.

A child is creative from an early age and deserves every possible encouragement to reach their potential. Every child has the right to cultural and artistic education at school as it enables them to develop into an autonomous and creative person.

The creativity school promotes and strengthens cultural education and makes children passionate about cultural activities and creative work, they learn to act independently and to develop critical thinking skills.

Climbing wall

Climbing walls are installed at the schools in Oberkorn and Differdange. A specialized teacher offers lessons to the classes.


An Airtramp (large inflatable cushion) is installed at the Fousbann school. Any teacher who has a certified basic training for the Airtramp can work with a class or a group of pupils to improve their motor skills. This way, they are able to balance their strength and find their physical and mental equilibrium.

Traffic safety and school cup

Activities in the context of road traffic education, which aims at educating children in safe behavior in the street, are carried out for each cycle:

  • The puppet theatre “Dem Poli séng Päiff” in cycle 1, the initiative “Kuck a Klick” in cycle 2, the “Bus-Schoul” in cycle 3.
  • The school cycling cup in cycle 4 is an important step to introduce the pupils to the correct behavior with their bikes in traffic.
  • The joint project of the schools and maisons relais “Cycling in elementary school” aims to teach children cycling, in both the formal and non-formal setting, to get them interested in this sport and to introduce them to soft mobility.

On the decision of the class teacher and in collaboration with the pedagogical team and the parents the following support measures can be implemented within the context of school but outside school hours.

Support and pedagogical activities by the teaching staff

This support can take place during school hours, but also outside of school hours. Thus, specific support can be offered to pupils to improve their learning, general knowledge and motor skills. The choice is made by the pedagogical team or the teacher. The parents are informed.

Socio-educational activities through the ESEB

These socio-educational activities take place both during school hours and outside of school hours. Specific activities are offered to students to improve, among other things, living together, physical and mental health and the management of violence. The choice is made by the pedagogical team or the educator. The parents are informed of the choice.

Lasep (Ligue des Associations Sportives de l’Enseignement Primaire)

Official LASEP text:
“LASEP offers regular training sessions in the various local sections which are under the sign of multi-sport and thus offers a wide range of movement oriented possibilities. Boys and girls from the elementary school, aged 3 to 12, are continuously led to participate in different disciplines in a playful and fair-play manner and can thus use LASEP as a steppingstone for active participation in sports clubs.”

Within the context of the Lasep, a large number of sports activities are offered to the children every year, e.g. ball games, cycling, swimming, basketball, dancing, airtramp, etc. The details concerning the registration for the above-mentioned activities are distributed to the students at school in due time. Further details can be provided by the class teacher.

Local children’s council (Kannergemengerot)

The aim of the local children’s council is to introduce pupils in cycles 3 and 4 to the principles of democracy and to show them how a community works.

The children who want to be members of the children’s council and have put themselves forward as candidates are elected each year by the pupils in their building. The five schools of Differdange take part in this vote. The council meets regularly under the responsibility of an adult to discuss the problems that children encounter in our society and in our city. They try to find and propose solutions. They meet the members of the alderman’s college where they can ask for advice and express demands. The politicians ask their opinion for example about playgrounds or other issues related to children in the city of Differdange.

School garden (Schoulgaart)

As part of their pedagogical support, teachers from the Differdange elementary school offer gardening activities to students outside of school hours. Apart from introducing pupils to the different aspects of working in a garden, these activities also enable pupils to develop a multitude of skills in different school areas (science, languages, mathematics, etc.). The schools in Fousbann, Niederkorn, Oberkorn and Woiwer also cultivate small educational gardens.

European Youth Sports Festival

For over 50 years the city of Differdange has been taking part – in collaboration with LASEP – in the European Youth Sports Festival. This exceptional event brings together about 250 young girls and boys aged 10 to 15 who participate in different sports activities: athletics, basketball, soccer, swimming and volleyball.

These young people come from the cities of Bitburg (D), Blankenberge (B), Cranendonck (NL), Rethel (F) and Differdange (L). The European Youth Sports Festival takes place in one of these cities every year.


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