Net Zero Déifferdeng 2030

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Differdange stands at the forefront of an extraordinary movement. With over 70% of global CO2 emissions originating from urban areas, and cities being the living space of most EU citizens, the role of cities like ours in tackling climate change is undeniable. Differdange is more than just a city; it’s a hub of economic activity, knowledge, and innovation. Historically, cities have been the birthplace of significant changes and advancements. In this tradition, Differdange is ready to lead the charge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fostering equitable decarbonisation, and enhancing the well-being of our community.

EU policies in action: Differdange’s path to climate neutrality

The European Union, recognizing the crucial role of cities in climate action, has set ambitious targets through initiatives like the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe research programs, as well as the European Green Deal. These initiatives aim for a 55% reduction in emissions by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Differdange’s mission: becoming a climate-neutral and smart city

In alignment with the EU’s Horizon Europe program, Differdange joins the ambitious ‘100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030’ mission. This initiative positions Differdange as a leader and innovator, with the goal of not only achieving climate neutrality by 2030 but also serving as a model for other European cities to emulate by 2050. Differdange is committed to this path, leveraging innovation and smart solutions to build a vibrant, sustainable future for all its residents.

Join us in shaping a sustainable Differdange

This mission is more than just a policy; it’s an opportunity to reimagine our way of life. It’s about creating new jobs, evolving business models, and fostering a community that values sustainability, cooperation, and innovation. Join us in this transformative journey as Differdange paves the way towards a greener, smarter, and more inclusive future.

Differdange signs Climate City Contract on 23 March 2023

The Municipal Council of Differdange signs the Climate City Contract (CCC) and will be the only city in Luxembourg to join the European Union’s 100 Net-Zero Cities.

The city of Differdange is committed to achieving the EU mission of “100 smart and climate-neutral cities by 2030” to combat climate change, promote a sustainable future and increase the attractiveness of the region with regard to circular economy. The city will engage in technical and scientific exchange with other cities by sharing knowledge and developing innovative solutions. The NetZeroCities label gives Differdange access to globally recognized experts in the field as well as funding opportunities. Differdange aims to achieve a net-zero target by 2030 by increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, supporting renewable energy, promoting sustainable mobility and reducing waste. The city has demonstrated its commitment to climate action through initiatives such as the Climate Pact, Climaborough, Climate Alliance and FUSILLI, to name a few.

The Climate City Contract (CCC), signed by the Municipal Council on 29 March 2023, outlines the city’s commitments to climate action and builds a partnership with citizens to work towards a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient future.

The city has identified five systemic, strategic priorities necessary to achieve its goal, including increasing the efficiency of stationary energy supply through renovations, self-sufficiency in energy generation, reducing individual mileage, waste reduction and offsetting the tons of CO2 generated by the municipality largely within the city limits.

The city recognizes the need for a just transition and the project implementation process is based on principles such as co-creation, innovation and multi-stakeholder and citizen engagement. This approach ensures that the city’s efforts towards carbon neutrality are systemic, demand-driven and take into account the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders.

Policy makers are aware that it is much cheaper to invest in solutions now than to wait and have to pay for what has been missed. The responsibility to be the last generation to make the right decisions lies with them. Although all members of society are equal when it comes to climate change, the responsibility of current decision-makers towards future generations is enormous.

A look back at the workshop “Sustainable living in Differdange” on 9 December 2023

A successful first step towards CO2 neutrality

In December 2023, the city of Differdange took an important step towards the realization of its ambitious project “Net Zero Déifferdeng 2030”. The first workshop in the ‘Sustainable living in Differdange’ series at the Aalt Stadhaus was a resounding success and a decisive turning point on our joint journey towards sustainability.

The event took place on 9 December. Around 30 engaged citizens from all parts of the city actively participated to discuss, learn and contribute to the vision of sustainable development. The atmosphere was one of collaboration and innovation and was a testament to our community’s passion and commitment to environmental issues.

One particularly noteworthy aspect of the workshop was the participation of families. A dozen children accompanied their parents and participated in a series of educational activities on sustainability led by a dedicated team. This inclusive approach not only allowed parents to participate fully, but also involved the younger generation in the discussion about the future of our city.

The group discussions covered key topics such as energy, waste management, infrastructure, nature, nutrition and education for sustainable development. Aldermen Tom Ulveling, Fred Bertinelli and Jerry Hartung enhanced the event with their presence and emphasized the importance of the city’s commitment to these initiatives.

The ideas and perspectives shared during the workshop will guide the city’s future actions in its pursuit of carbon neutrality. This first workshop not only demonstrated the municipality’s commitment to sustainable development, but also laid the foundation for the next workshops in 2024.

We would like to thank all participants for their enthusiasm and valuable contributions. Your active participation is the engine of change towards a more sustainable Differdange and we look forward to continuing on this path together.

Read the full workshop report

A look back on the workshop “Together for a net zero energy!” on 20 April 2024

An impulse for the future

On 20 April 2024, the City of Differdange took an important step in its sustainability efforts by organizing the workshop “Together for a Net Zero Energy!” at the 1535° Creative Hub.
This event, the second of a total of four, is part of the preparation of Differdange’s action plan to become a pilot city in the European mission of 100 Net Zero Cities.

In the presence of First Alderman Tom Ulveling and Alderman Fred Bertinelli, the workshop brought together citizens, experts and key players in the energy transition. The morning was very informative, with presentations on decarbonization by SudEnergie, the development of a smart grid by Creos, and the Zesumme renovéieren project by Klima-Agence in collaboration with the city.

In addition to the technical discussions, the event provided a platform for citizens to share their expectations, ideas and wishes regarding energy production and saving. They were also able to express their opinions on municipal and state subsidies and thus contribute to improving the city’s action plan.
In order to make the workshop accessible to all, the city provided childcare for the participants’ children, who built a working wind turbine with the Anima team and explored books on energy topics.

Alderman Ulveling was visibly pleased and emphasized the importance of this initiative: “The active participation of our citizens and the quality of their contributions show that our municipality is strongly committed to a sustainable future. CO2 neutrality by 2030 may sound utopian, but it is these utopias that make a future worth living possible.

Save the date: Workshop on mobility coming on 8 June 2024 at 9 am

In the lead-up to our “Differdange Active: Together for reinvented mobility” workshop, which will take place on 8 June 2024 at 9 am, we’re inviting every resident to take an active part in redesigning our urban mobility.

Before we meet on 8 June, discover our new online interactive map. This tool will enable you to flag up areas where you face mobility challenges – whether walking, cycling, using public transport or driving. Your contributions are essential to help us identify the improvements needed and prioritize the actions that will make Differdange a model of sustainable mobility.

Thank you for your participation!




Net Zero Déifferdeng 2030
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