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There are quite a few delivery zones in our municipality, which unfortunately are repeatedly blocked by parked cars. The city of Differdange would like to remind you that loading zones are not parking spaces.

What is a loading zone and who is allowed to use it?

There are around 25 loading zones in our municipality. These are clearly marked, both with surface markings and signs indicating the exact times when deliveries are allowed and parking is prohibited.
Contrary to popular belief, loading zones are not reserved exclusively for businesses. Rather, they can be used by all motorists (tradespeople or private individuals) who wish to deliver or unload a good. So you can freely use delivery zones as long as you are actually making a delivery. This means being as close as possible to your vehicle so you can move it when needed.

Why keep loading zones free?

Did you know that parking in delivery zones is allowed outside the times indicated on the signs? These times are not the same for every zone, so pay close attention to the appropriate signs. Anyone who parks their vehicle in a loading zone during the specified delivery times and then walks away risks a ticket of 49€.
In addition, that person is making life more difficult for their fellow drivers. If the loading zone is occupied by a parked vehicle, the delivery truck has to stop elsewhere, possibly blocking driveways, which in turn means noise and disturbance for the residents concerned and a nuisance for the suppliers. Or the delivery vehicle has to stop in the middle of the road, which impedes the flow of traffic for everyone.

So you make life much easier for yourself, the suppliers and ultimately all road users if you do not block a delivery zone. Remember that you are not alone in traffic and be considerate of your fellow drivers.

Thank you for your understanding.



Mobility department
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