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Our town has a large number of people participating in associations, each contributing in their own way to the social dynamics of Differdange. These associations often work toward a better integration, either on a regular or isolated basis.

Integration can concern foreigners, people with a disability or people from a different cultural background and its promotion takes many facets. An association may have as its objective the support of people coming from a foreign country. A football team may organize a tournament for blind players. An African or Portuguese dance group will be looking for more Luxembourgish dancers. All these associations thus actively participate in the assimilation of a group into a community. It is precisely to these associations that the Wok approaches.

What is the Wok?

The Wok is a meeting space located in the 1535° creative hub. It is intended for local associations, with or without non-profit status, and in particular those wishing to be associated with integration and social initiatives. It is precisely from this idea of bringing together different elements in the same place that the name wok comes from. The wok is in fact a Far Eastern cooking utensil in which multiple flavors are mixed and from which something original and unexpected often emerges. As such, the Wok is a unique project in Luxembourg and in the region.

Why the Wok?

Nowadays, the associations active in Differdange act most often on their own initiative or with their usual partners. There are few initiatives bringing together different associations around the same project or the same activity. As a consequence, the means are limited. Coming together usually means having more money, people, materials and know-how to put to use in an initiative. The wok enables these associations to meet, exchange ideas and create new projects. It also allows resources, both skills and equipment, to be shared fairly among all. All of this with the support of the wok staff.

The objectives of the Wok

The objectives of the Wok are the fight against discrimination experienced by associations. The Wok promotes and encourages access to all resources available in Differdange for each group of people and in the fairest possible way. It facilitates participation in the life of Differdange.

The work of the Wok

The Wok regularly organizes a “lunch for associations“ on Wednesdays at noon to converse around a friendly meal. An on-call service is provided every Thursday morning to offer a more personalized support. Appointments with Wok staff are also possible at other times. The Wok also actively participates in the organization of special events around topics concerning associations.




T: 58 77 1-1558

16-18, avenue de la Liberté
L-4601 Differdange


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