The rent committee

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The rent committee of Differdange is a mediation body between landlords and tenants. In the event of a dispute between the two parties concerning the amount of rent or the capital invested, the commission serves as a last resort – free of charge! – to avoid a costly court case.

The main task of the committee is to reconcile the parties. If necessary, it can decide to reduce or increase the rent, or even change the advance payments. The rent board consists of a chairman, a tenant-assessor and an owner-assessor to ensure a balanced deliberation.

If you are in a situation that requires recourse to the rent committee, do not hesitate to contact the housing service of the town of Differdange.

ATTENTION: The committee cannot deal with requests received during the first six months of a tenancy.

How to proceed?

Before starting the procedure, it is always advisable to first seek a dialogue with the other party in order to reach an agreement.

If this fails, you should follow the following procedure:

  1. You send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the other party, explaining your disagreement with the level or modification of the rent and your wish to apply to the rent board for a rent reduction or increase.
  2. You should wait at least one month after sending the letter before referring the matter to the board. Send a request (it can be a simple letter) to the College of Mayor and Aldermen.
  3. The committee will make an appointment for a meeting to which you and the other party will be invited and will have the opportunity to present your arguments.
  4. If a conciliation is reached, minutes are drawn up and signed by all parties. If there is no conciliation, the committee can decide on the amount of rent or advance payments. However, a change in rent is only possible if the last change was made at least two years ago.
  5. If you dispute the decision of the board, you must go to the justice of the peace.

If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact the housing department of the City of Differdange.



Housing departement
T.: 58 77 1 -1243/-1334


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