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Department for building permits

Michel DONDELINGER, head of department  58771 – 1408
Serge CICHY, secretariat  58771 – 1287
Charlie DISWISCOUR  58771 – 1614
Diogo PACHECO  58771 – 1247
Amel SABOTIC  58771 – 1980

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 12 pm

Afternoons by appointment only: Make an appointment

For all major construction or conversion works, citizens, investors and real-estate owners are obliged to apply for a building permit from the department for building permits.

Information and general recommendations on building permits or sectors and buildings requiring protection:
Information and guidelines for buildings worth protecting


Steps to complete and submit the forms online:

1. Download and save the PDF form on your computer
2. Open / fill in the registered form using Adobe Reader
3. Once the form has been filled in, you can [validate and send] it by email to:

The forms do not require an electronic signature.


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